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Galvanized Wires

Galvanized Wires offered by us are soft and used for earthing purposes, manufacturing of many wire products, such as Chain link, Stay wire, Barbed wire, Wire mesh/netting etc. We have a wide variety, range, and quality of galvanized wires for different purposes and needs. Plants are run under the supervision of experienced technical team facilitated with lab support to ensure consistency in quality. We have three galvanizing plants using different techniques to meet the demand in the market with the weight range from 25 kgs to 600 kgs packed in rolls as per customer requirement.

Wide size range from 0.80mm to 5.00 mm.

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Hot Dip Galvanized Wire
Hot Dip Galvanized Wire is the process involving passing of wire through a zinc molten bath with the temperature of tank at 850oF resulting a coating of zinc on wire surface. This coating of zinc provides corrosion resistance on wire and increases the longevity of the product. Galvanized wire is also known as G.i. Wire,

Electro Galvanized Wire
We are engaged in offering high quality Electro Galvanized Wire to the clients. We are having continuous wire galvanizing plant which carries out complete process online in a single sequence ensuring best quality product. Online annealing of wire provides more softness. In plating section current is passed through strip which is immersed in

GI Stay Wire
We are manufacturing quality GI Stay Wire which is hot dip galvanized stay standard for Electrical poles, telephone poles, transmission poles and railway track signals, the galvanized stay wire is made from galvanized wire, the final individual wires having uniform quality and the properties and products specified in technical