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Hot Dip Galvanized Wire

Hot Dip Galvanized Wire

Hot Dip Galvanized Wire is the process involving passing of wire through a zinc molten bath with the temperature of tank at 850oF resulting a coating of zinc on wire surface. This coating of zinc provides corrosion resistance on wire and increases the longevity of the product. Galvanized wire is also known as G.i. Wire, Galvanized Binding Wire, Gi Wire, Galvanized Wire, Hot Dip Galvanized Wire, Galvanised Wires, Coated Wires, Redrawing Galvanized Wire, galvanized iron wire, galvanised wire, Galvanised Steel Wire, Galvanized Iron Wire, Round Galvanized Wires, Flat Galvanized Wires, Hot Dipped Zinc Plated Wire.

We can provide G.I. wire in the range specified below :
  • GI wire Size range : 1.40mm (17swg) to 5.00mm (6swg)
  • Zinc coating on hot dipped galvanized iron wire : 30 gsm to 300 gms/m2
  • UTS range for galvanized wire : 40 to 60 kg/mm2 for soft quality and 60 to 85 kg/mm2 for hard quality
  • Tolerance for Galvanized wires : ± 2.5% (as per requirement lesser is also possible)
  • Weight of Coils : 25 kgs to 600 kgs.

Advantages of using PERFECT galvanized wire
  • Softness of wire
  • Smoothness make the appearance look better Shining.
  • Uniform coating increases the product life
  • Perfect G.I wire ensures double life than any other ordinary galvanized wire available in the market.
  • Saving of nearly 10% to customers due to correct size.
  • Our commitment
  • Test certificate.
  • Appropriate coil formation increases productivity.

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  • Hot Dip Galvanized Wire - 01

    Hot Dip Galvanized Wire - 01
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    Hot Dip Galvanized Wire - 02

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